A Plethora of Character Sheets

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Having created character sheets for Sundered Skies, I decided to go through some of the other character sheets that PEG has available for download for various Savage Worlds settings. I’ve taken these sheets and made them all form-fillable as well as savable from Adobe Reader and other PDF readers. Below is a brief list of the settings for which I have created forms. Most of the settings just had a basic character sheet, but some also had other useful sheets, like the Troop sheet for Weird War: Tour of Darkness or the Ship sheet for 50 Fathoms.

If you have any issues with any of these sheets, please leave a comment below and I’ll try to fix them when I have a chance. Also, if you find a sheet that you think others would like to have in this format, leave a comment below with a link to the sheet.

Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition – The Core rules and a basic sheet for the Savage Worlds system. It does some of the basic math for some of the secondary stats of the character.

Deadlands Reloaded – It is now 1879 and the American Civil War continues to rage on. Strange tales abound from out of the new frontier, The American West. Are you ready to find your fortune by prospecting for the new mineral, Ghost Rock, or will the West chew you up and spit you out?

Necessary Evil – The Superheroes are dead; Killed by the invaders from beyond our Solar System. Now the villains must rise up and band together, for surely they will fall separately.

Pirates of the Spanish Main – The High Seas of the Caribbean are calling. Who will you be? Will you captain a rogue Pirate vessel, lead a group of privateers to their fame and fortune, or fight for King and country on a ship of the line?

Rippers – Monsters are loose in the streets of Victorian London. Jack the Ripper, your former ally, is now the leader of the Cabal; the group that creates and uses the monsters. Do you have what it takes to take on Jack and the Cabal?

The Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane – Travel the world of Robert E. Howard, vanquishing Evils where you find them. From darkest Africa to the cities of Europe bringing Light into the Darkness.

Slipstream – Hidden through the black holes lays the Slipstream. Grab your ray gun, strap on your rocketpack and prepare to blast off like Flash Gordon and defend this place from the evil Queen Anathraxa

Weird Wars: Weird War II – Wars draw out the dark things that are hiding in the shadows. This war needs heroes to fight back the darkness.

50 Fathoms – The world of Caribdus, drowned by the dying curse of three witches, is a land of a thousand islands. Into this world come visitors from another place through the mists. These visitors are from the Age of Sail; Savage pirates, daring corsairs, bloodthirsty buccaneers and their crews. Are they here to save this world from the sea hags, or just plunder it for the hidden treasures buried beneath the waves?

Evernight – The world of Tarth is a fantasy setting of elves, dwarves, orcs and men. It was a world of Light, but then the Darkness came. The Masters, a group both terrifying and mysterious, have come to Tarth. Will the heroes be able to fight off the Masters and bring the Light back to Tarth?

The Space 1889 Character sheet was recently released by Pinnacle Entertainment. The version on their site is now editable and savable from the free Adobe Reader, so I have removed it from my site to comply with their wishes. I have updated the link to the Space 1889 Character sheet as Pinnacle did a major revamp of their entire site.

Deadlands Noir is the most recently released setting from Pinnacle Entertainment. Set in the same setting as the classic Deadlands, Deadlands Noir puts the players into the setting in the 1930s. Welcome to the world of Private Dicks, Crazy Inventors and tales of things that Go Bump in the Night. Welcome to Memphis, "The Big Easy", where it is anything but easy.

Happy Savaging